SALUTATION, our first record

We are proud to present our first recording, SALUTATION!

SALUTATION tells the Christmas story through six beautiful carols, leading us on a midwinter’s journey from longing expectation to joyful birth.

The ancient Advent Antiphons, dating from at least the sixth century, bid the long-awaited Jesus come to save us. To a lilting Basque tune The Angel Gabriel announces to Mary and to the world the good news of her conception. Shepherds and villagers run through the fields calling out with joy in the title track, Salutation. We reflect further on the meaning of the Angel’s message in the well-loved Herefordshire song The Truth from Above, made famous by Vaughan Williams. In the perennial classic Away in a Manger we regard the new-born baby on Christmas night as the world sleeps. And with the lusty Sussex Carol we join together to celebrate the festive season with joy!

SALUTATION is sung without instrumental accompaniment, the singers’ pure voices filling the beautiful echoing space of Holy Trinity Church, Millhouses, Sheffield.

How can I get my hands on it?

Visit our Bandcamp site, where you can read my highly fascinating and witty commentaries on the pieces, oh and also buy the thing as well (CDs and downloads) 

Or, come to hear us live and get scrawly signatures all over your discs for free! (This won't work for those of you who live in Korea or Siberia)

Also, the sheet music is available from our online store. The Songbook for Salutation contains all six pieces at a nicely discounted price...

In the meantime, keep up with us on Tweeter and Facepage for further treats and previews. And remember to share the news too!