We are sorry to announce disappointing, upsetting news. After 4 ½ years of ambitious, adventurous music-making, Albion is coming to an end. It’s been tremendously hard to contemplate this as a way forward, and equally so to decide on it.  

In our journey of adventure, taking us through caves, real ales, festivals, bicycles, and much else, we have tried to innovate, imagine, and dream. But we find ourselves now in a position where we can’t realistically sustain that level of ambition – and so we really want to go out on a high.  

We would like to THANK all our friends and supporters, for everything that they have done to encourage and nourish us. We are fortunate to have made hundreds of friends since 2012. This decision has been so difficult partly because we know that our friends and supporters will feel as bereft as we are now.

But the music and the spirit of Albion will live on, through our shared memories and through whatever our singers might go on to do next (and, with the amount of spark and energy amongst them, you can be sure there will be things!).

There will be one final Albion performance, which will celebrate what we’ve achieved together.  This will be on SATURDAY 13 AUGUST at 7PM at HOLY TRINITY CHURCH in Millhouses, Sheffield. Tickets are now available from THIS PAGE. 

In the meantime, we would really love to hear from you if there’s any reaction or comments you want to share. If you would like to contact the whole choir you can email choir @ albionchoir.org.uk, and if you would like to email Fraser directly, it’s fraser @ albionchoir.org.uk.   (You have to remove the spaces from both these addresses.)

With warmest and deeply felt wishes - Fraser and Albion