Albion on Song: Sheffield, 30 April 2016


SOLD OUT - Scroll down for details


BE PART OF IT. We present a spring evening concert with enchanting harmonies, soaring voices, and dramatic candlelit presentation

ALBION ALES. Included in the ticket price is a pint of Albion real ale (from the Abbeydale Brewery)   - or a wine or soft alternative 

CATCH US WHILE YOU CAN. We don't have any more Sheffield performances scheduled in 2016. It might be a while before the next...

GET THE RECORD. You can stock up on Albion CDs, including the new release IN CLOUDLESS SUNSHINE. All discs will have a 20% discount 

ENJOY THE SPACE. Our Sheffield home, Holy Trinity, has a stunning acoustic and is a warm and beautiful venue to spend the evening in


This concert is now SOLD OUT. No more tickets remain.

However, you can join the waiting list by emailing tickets @ (without the spaces), or calling or TEXTING the Albion mobile: 07751 760473. You might also choose to queue on the night. We find that a small number of ticketholders invariably don't turn up to the concert, so with a few minutes to go we are likely to open the doors to queuers! But DO contact us in advance to get returns if we have them. 


Ticket information

Tickets are limited in number and are always in demand, so make sure of yours by buying now. We use a quick, reliable payment system that ensures maximum security and gives you immediate confirmation of booking. You will not receive any physical tickets, but you will receive a receipt from PayPal showing the amount you have paid. 

NOTE WELL: you do not need to bring a physical ticket, nor any other kind of proof of purchase, to the performance. Our rigorous booking system means that we know exactly who has paid for tickets! As long as you have received emailed receipt of payment, your tickets are secure and your places are confirmed. All card, banking, and booking fees are included in the cost.

We cannot give refunds unless the performance is cancelled or substantially rescheduled. If you have any questions about the booking process that are not answered above, please email us at tickets @ (without the spaces) or call 07751 760473.