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We have made three recordings to date: studio and live records that capture the essential beauty of Albion.

They are all available as digital downloads and CDs, and are accompanied by striking images and all the song texts.

Visit our Bandcamp store to listen to and buy all three

What is Albion?

Uniquely among choral groups, ALBION sings the musics of "these islands" – England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales - and further afield. The islands' musical heritage stretches back a thousand years, offering a rich store of treasures: dances, folksongs, madrigals, plainsong chants, airs, anthems, and more. In their variety and beauty, they lie at the heart of Albion's inspiration.

Some of our most popular songs include Jerusalem, Scarborough Fair, The Skye Boat Song, and O Danny Boy. Many of the songs are hundreds of years old, but in Fraser Wilson's arrangements they are reclothed in lush contemporary colours. Working with up to twelve singers at a time, Albion performs mostly unaccompanied, allowing the purity of the human voice to sound across the centuries. The group is known for a fresh sound and vibrant energy, for its captivating performance style, and for warm, wholehearted music-making.

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A quick glance at ALBION UNDERGROUND:

Forthcoming Performances


Albion performances in 2015 are starting to be confirmed. You can find up-to-date information about these, and in many cases book tickets online, on THIS PAGE.



24 July: Albion and Ales at Buxton Festival Fringe

12 September: The English Music Festival in Yorkshire

26-7 September: Albion Underground II

23-5 October: Classical Sheffield Festival

 Full details of the series on THIS PAGE


If you'd like to host an Albion concert in 2015 or beyond, please contact us.


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